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I want you to STOP setting GOALS for just 2 MINUTES

Hey there,

I wanted to let you know that setting goals will no take you anywhere.


  • Winners and losers both have the SAME goals to WIN
  • Accomplishment feeling is SHORT-TERM
  • They take away your HAPPINESS

Now you might ask me, WTH should I do then?

Just Fall in love with SYSTEMS

How does that work?

  • Goals are good for planning your progress and systems are good for actually making progress.
  • Makes you more committed
  • It Fuels your Consistency

How do I make one?

You need not! That is why I created an all in one system for everything from Goals to your Health. I've got them all in Notion!

Show me that

I hope you enjoyed this one!

Your man!


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"systems are good for actually making progress." Very good point!

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